We’re Hiring: PR Account Coordinator – POSITION CLOSED

We’re hiring a PR account coordinator at 88 Creative to help grow our new PR practice.

Position details:

This person will be responsible for the day-to-day support and service of 88 Creative’s PR efforts with existing and new clients – monitoring and researching industry news, trends, and competitors; writing and editing backgrounders, and pitches; compiling media kits; handling media relations across Canada; compiling media lists; and developing monthly/post-campaign reports. You’ll work alongside the PR Manager on new & existing clients to research, develop, and execute PR strategies. Continue Reading →

How to land an internship at 88 Creative

In my second year of Advertising and Marketing Communications Management at Algonquin College, I began my internship hunt. Originally I wanted to work at a big agency, with big clients, and big money. I started in Ottawa, hoping that I could land an internship early, but still be able to go to school. With no luck, I decided to relax a bit, and wait until my final year when I truly needed the placement.

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Work in Progress: Finding the resources to make you better

When was the last time you learned something new? And no, I’m not referring to why we see blue/black or white/gold. I’m talking about a new skill that you can use to make your work better. Living in Toronto, I have found some great resources that help me add to my repertoire and learn new skills. Seeking out professional development is the best way to break routine and spark my creative juices. It’s so easy (especially when stepping out into the winter is very unpleasant) to get stuck in the monotony of the work-gym-dinner-sleep routine, making it so important to take initiative and explore the resources out there. These are some of my suggestions.

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We’re Hiring: 88 Creative’s First PR Manager [POSITION CLOSED]

Note: This position is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

We focus on two core areas at 88 Creative, digital marketing & design. Due to client demand, we’re branching out to include a third core area: public relations. We’re hiring our first-ever PR manager to work with existing clients and to bring in new clients to focus on PR.
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5 Content Marketing Tips, 1 Pep Talk, 0 Buzzwords

I attended Yahoo’s Tumblr-focused content marketing panel during FFWD2015 , and while I learned a bit about content, I learned a lot more about the baffling Jesus-take-the-wheel sentiment clouding the space. The woman beside me was snapping four photos of every slide (without turning the camera shutter noise off, ugh) so furiously I doubt she heard a word of the panel. She then wrote GIFS = CONTENT on the top of her Blackberry notes, while the guy behind us loudly grumbled about Millenials. These are the actions of people who are scared. After seeing the contents of the panel, I don’t understand why.

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Consciously Disconnecting: The Case for Putting Down Your iPhone

As an always-connected person, there are some spaces that have always been sacred “off” zones that have given me solace from being online. Slowly though those sacred places are becoming Wifi-enabled: first it was planes, the cocoon that used to allow me to disconnect for hours while catching up on movies (and sleep). Then it was the subway, which used to be a place I could read the commuter paper in peace. Then it was every damn hotel and resort around the world – and let’s be honest, free Wifi isn’t something I should complain about, but when the Wifi costs $20 a day it’s easier to justify staying offline when you’re on vacation. Continue Reading →

88 Creative: Now With 100% More Meat

I’ve been a fan of subscription boxes since I discovered Birchbox several years ago, and while beauty products are great and all, I’m more fan of delicious things being delivered to my doorstep. That’s why I’m happy to announce that monthly meat subscription box Carnivore Club is our newest client at 88 Creative. Continue Reading →

#HaveYourSelfie a Merry Little Christmas

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 12.52.11 PM

It’s a well-known fact around the office that I’m obsessed with Christmas. Like “I have a theme for my wrapping paper, I PVR the Michael Buble Christmas special” obsessed. “I wait all year for Festive Specials, I listen to holiday playlists on Songza starting on November 1st” obsessed. Continue Reading →

How a BuzzFeed quiz landed us on the front page of the Toronto Star

Over Thanksgiving weekend, my ever diligent co-worker Danielle spotted an email from Buzzfeed that stated they were opening up the ability to create quizzes as a community post. Previously a sponsored quiz on Buzzfeed would run you about $20,000. Yikes. Continue Reading →