Did Facebook really just do this? You won’t believe what their changes mean for you.

Did you just click on the headline for this post? Well, it may be one of the last times you get sucked into an article with a headline like that. You’ve seen these articles in your Facebook feed. The ones that entice you to click with a cliffhanger of a title but end up being a waste of your time. These are click-bait headlines and they’re exactly what Facebook is trying to eliminate from your timeline. CONTINUE READING

Brainstorming, Bonding & BBQing at the First Annual 88 Creative Retreat


Last week we had our first annual 88 Creative Retreat!

Now, what you’re about to read will probably make you wish you could work here just so you could have gotten in on the action. So, sorry in advance. Here’s what went down: CONTINUE READING

Content Creation and Filmmaking – Not the Same But Kind Of

Director chair-02 Christopher Nolan wrote an op-ed in the New York Times last week lamenting the state of modern filmmaking in Hollywood. In making his point, he lumped in filmmaking and the business of major motion pictures under the rather general content creation umbrella.


When Should Your Startup Hire a Marketing Agency?

russian dolls-01

I’m passionate about startups, both because I worked at one for over five years, and because over those five years I worked with countless entrepreneurs and their passion was contagious. Now that I’m leading a small digital marketing agency, startup founders often ask me when they need to bring on an agency, and which services they should provide. CONTINUE READING

So You’ve Graduated…Now What?


Having just finished my four years at university, I don’t think a day has gone by in the past few months when I wasn’t asked what my plans were for after graduation.

The truth is, I had absolutely no idea. CONTINUE READING

We’re Hiring! Be Our Next Digital Marketing Coordinator [POSITION CLOSED]

job interview

UPDATE: This position is now closed, but we’ll be hiring in future so get in touch anytime at [email protected] with your details.

Love Le Gourmand cookies and digital marketing? Then you could be our brand spankin’ new digital marketing coordinator! Read on for details. CONTINUE READING