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Like it? Tap it, then buy it.


I’m a shopaholic, and pretty much everyone knows it. The one person who knows this better than anyone in my life is my concierge who checks in all my packages. I knew I had a problem when one day I had ordered so much online that it all came at once and I needed to make two trips downstairs to get it all. He gave me a look, you know – a little disgusted, a little worried but mostly incredulous that one girl could do so much damage. Well, thanks to Instagram it’s become far too easy to do far too much damage. CONTINUE READING

Like it or Leave it


I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram. Of course I love going through the hundreds of thousands of pictures of celebrities, shoes, cupcakes and hedgehogs, but I also hate it because people seem to have way cooler experiences and better clothes than me.

I also don’t get how I never get more than 100 likes on any given picture. I have almost 1,000 followers on Instagram so shouldn’t at least half those people like my pictures? Why follow me if you’re not going to like my picture of me jumping in a pile of leaves wearing the cutest cardigan, drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte (I may or may not be basic, don’t judge me).

It makes zero sense. I get that 1/10th of those people probably downloaded the app, followed everyone on their contact list and then forgot about it. But 900 of my followers use Instagram regularly and are seeing my pictures, right? And that goes for anyone really – some girls have thousands of followers but only get a few hundred likes. CONTINUE READING

Holy Month, Holy Tweets? Ramadan and Social Media

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It was Eid on Monday, which means the Ramadan month of fasting is over. For one month, Muslims all around the world (including myself) gave up eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. We tried to refrain from gossip, listening to music, watching television, spending hours at the mall, and other frivolous and totally unnecessary things. We tried to pray a little bit more, learn a little bit more, and give back to the community a little bit more.  We made more of an effort to see the best in people and spend more one-on-one time with God. For Ramadan. CONTINUE READING

But first, let me take a selfie

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Ahh, the selfie. There’s a song about it, it was recently added to the dictionary , and it’s totally taken over my Instagram newsfeed.

Oh, and it’s also been linked to narcissism, mental illness and addiction.


Best Holiday Campaigns of 2013


‘Tis the season for apple cider, NSYNC Christmas songs, and creative holiday campaigns. Big and small brands are attempting to spread the festive cheer while showing off their online presence – and it’s working. Some move us to tears, while others have us laughing, but regardless of what emotion they seem to invoke, we’re all sharing their campaigns and helping the brands go viral.

Here are some of the best brand campaigns we’ve seen for the 2013 holiday season.


What’s Happening in November + Giveaway


It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year again, but first we have to get through November. Luckily we have plenty of events lined up for the month to keep us busy.


TICKET GIVEAWAY: The Art of Small Business

Now that summer’s over and you’ve put your bathing suit away for the year, it’s time for the fall event rush. As you fill your calendar in with events like AccelerateTO , mesh marketing , and Social Media Week, we have one conference aimed specifically at small business owners and entrepreneurs to add to the mix.