Cards Against Real Estate: A Party Game for Horrible Torontonians


Between Rob Ford missing posters , #LenovoGate , and welcoming a new digital marketing coordinator , it’s been a busy month at the 88 Creative office. One of the things that kept us so busy this spring is a project we worked on for BuzzBuzzHome , the company that owns 88 Creative. CONTINUE READING

Design Roundup: My Favourite Projects in April


As 88 Creative’s visual designer I’m always looking for new trends in the design industry, and projects that might inspire creativity in our own work. I’ll be showcasing my favourite design projects on our blog – here are my picks from April:


The Kelsey’s Rebrand: Can Hipsterdom be Manufactured in a Movie Theatre Parking Lot?


I recently found myself with just over an hour to kill at the Queensway Cineplex in Etobicoke. With few beverage-and-snack options beyond Cara-owned chain restaurants, my companion and I were intrigued to discover a new establishment at the entrance to the movie theatre parking lot. It was big, bright, and covered in hipster typography. It was only as we got closer to the building that we saw the name Kelsey’s stencilled above the door. CONTINUE READING

Track Your Style: Where Wearable Tech & Fashion Collide

addidas shoe-34
Wearable tech is all the rage these days, with smartwatches and smart rings and smart glasses – what’s next? With the partnership between Ray-Ban and Google Glass getting such a great reception, I thought there were lots of other wearable tech products that could use a fashionable touch. Here’s my list of dream collaborations. CONTINUE READING

‘Twas Two Days Before Christmas at 88 Creative


It’s been a great year for the 88 Creative team, and we can’t believe it’s already December! It’s the season for reflecting on the year that just passed, and setting New Year’s resolutions (our first one is to cut cupcakes, Le Gourmand cookies, and chocolate out of our daily diets. I predict we fail by the second week of January). We thought we’d take a look back at the year that was at 88C – so read on to find out what we got up to in 2013 (and a rhyming holiday wish!).


Why 2014 will be the year of the gentleman

bowtie Over the past few years, Canadian retail brands like Gotstyle , Frank & Oak , Surmesur and Garrison Bespoke have all emerged in response to the growing demand for menswear. Just recently Toronto had its first ever Men’s Fashion Week , and last weekend stylish men gathered at the Gentleman’s Expo in Toronto to, what else, learn how to become a stylish, well-groomed gentleman. CONTINUE READING

Want to Be Photogenic Enough for Instagram? Start With Product Design

holiday-cup It’s that time of year again! Even though patio drinks and cottage weekends seem like they were just yesterday, the fact that it’s almost halfway through November means it’s officially the holiday season. CONTINUE READING

88′s new visual designer on universal design


I’m Claudine, the new visual designer at 88 Creative. For my first post I wanted to do an infographic about something that I’m passionate about: universal design. CONTINUE READING