Claire Owens -

Top 10 Social Media Moments of 2014


2014 has been a BIG year in social media. One of my favourite things about social is that it’s so easy to share something with your peers that you think is either hilarious, disturbing, or mind-blowing within a matter of seconds.

This year, between Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, there have been records broken, shade thrown, causes supported, and a ton of Kimye. So, let’s take a little trip back in time and look at the 10 social media moments from this year that attracted the most attention, got a ton of shares, and most importantly generated a lot of memes. CONTINUE READING

Brainstorming, Bonding & BBQing at the First Annual 88 Creative Retreat


Last week we had our first annual 88 Creative Retreat!

Now, what you’re about to read will probably make you wish you could work here just so you could have gotten in on the action. So, sorry in advance. Here’s what went down: CONTINUE READING

Instagram is Your Creative Oyster


I don’t know about you, but the digital marketer in me gets really excited when I see a brand make use of social tools in a really unique way.

The overarching concept for a social campaign is a no brainer: use a platform that your target audience already uses to reach them and reel them in. Having a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account is an expectation for most brands these days, but using them in a way that doesn’t get lost in the chaos is the trick to success. Developing a creative, never-been-done-before marketing campaign that actually blows up (in the good way) is somewhat of a rarity, but when it’s executed right it is unforgettable. CONTINUE READING

So You’ve Graduated…Now What?


Having just finished my four years at university, I don’t think a day has gone by in the past few months when I wasn’t asked what my plans were for after graduation.

The truth is, I had absolutely no idea. CONTINUE READING