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What’s in an Influencer?

There have always been certain people out there, the people who are wearing an outfit you envy, have the latest gadget you’re coveting, provide tips and tricks to make your garden perfect, or have the best parenting advice you’ve ever heard. These people have taken to the internet to share their wise words with the masses, and the best of the bunch end up with communities in the millions. CONTINUE READING

My Life As a Conversion


As marketers, we’ve all done it. We’ve thrown the “social conversion” idea out there to our clients. OOOH sparkly. What is a social conversion? It’s the purest form of the social sales funnel – someone likes a promoted page, interacts with their content, and makes a purchase decision either in-store or through an e-commerce site.


Content Creation and Filmmaking – Not the Same But Kind Of

Director chair-02 Christopher Nolan wrote an op-ed in the New York Times last week lamenting the state of modern filmmaking in Hollywood. In making his point, he lumped in filmmaking and the business of major motion pictures under the rather general content creation umbrella.


Turn Off Your Filters


I have a bit of a reputation around the office for just blurting out ideas. Sometimes with a ton of thought involved, but mostly things just off the top of my head and hoo boy, are some of them ever dumb. But here’s something I’ve learned in my time in this industry, and stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but there’s no such thing as a dumb idea. CONTINUE READING

Why 2014 will be the year of the gentleman

bowtie Over the past few years, Canadian retail brands like Gotstyle , Frank & Oak , Surmesur and Garrison Bespoke have all emerged in response to the growing demand for menswear. Just recently Toronto had its first ever Men’s Fashion Week , and last weekend stylish men gathered at the Gentleman’s Expo in Toronto to, what else, learn how to become a stylish, well-groomed gentleman. CONTINUE READING

Want to Be Photogenic Enough for Instagram? Start With Product Design

holiday-cup It’s that time of year again! Even though patio drinks and cottage weekends seem like they were just yesterday, the fact that it’s almost halfway through November means it’s officially the holiday season. CONTINUE READING

Marketers: How do you stay on top of your game?


On June 5 in Toronto, one of the most renowned marketing conferences makes a pit stop at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Art of Marketing is stopping here to impart the wisdom of thought leaders like Jonah Berger , Biz Stone , and Seth Godin , among others. CONTINUE READING