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If social networks were The Avengers

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Jason Giles

I know that the latest instalment in the Marvel Avengers Universe releases this Friday, and as my coworkers can begrudgingly attest, I am a comic book nerd through and through. So naturally, you can probably deduce that I am beyond excited for Iron Man 3.

In a way, my job is a lot like Nick Fury’s. I mean, I don’t drive an invisible flying hovercraft or wear a sweet eye patch for that matter. But I do have an arsenal of super networks that do have their own advantages, limits and in many ways — are a lot like their Avengers counterparts. It’s all just a matter of getting them to work together…

Twitter – Iron Man

One would assume that the most popular and outspoken member of the Avengers might be the worlds most popular social network. But no, the thing about Iron Man is that he may appear as a rock star, but he’s an inventor, innovator, philanthropist, extremely quick-witted and often is on top of things before anything else picks up on them.

Facebook – The Incredible Hulk

This behemoth of a network also houses an extensive amount of information — much like the Hulk’s alter-ego, Bruce Banner. Facebook, while being wide reaching, also has the ability to pinpoint specific target markets and cater to them. Kind of like finding gamma signatures to track down a misplaced cosmic cube…

LinkedIn – Captain America

The old stalwart. Perhaps a little stuffy, Maybe a bit reserved. But extremely professional and packed with more power then you can imagine. LinkedIn is old school networking, brought into the 21st century. Much like ol’ Cap, a product of WW2 being awoken in 2012. after being frozen for close to 70 years.

Instagram – Thor


The new guy. The one who is admittedly out of this world, comes with the strength of a demigod. Instagram is extremely powerful, mobile and let’s be honest, popular. Who doesn’t have it on their phone?

Vine – Black Widow


Vine is so new it’s virtually unknown. I don’t think we’ve been able to fully comprehend what its advantages and limitations are. It’s an enigma, much like Black Widow. But an entertaining one at that. Getting involved in new social networks and content creation sites can be a bit risky, due to low viewership, but if they take off the payoff is…advantageous.

Tumblr – Hawkeye

There’s nothing out of the ordinary with this microblogging platform. It’s precise, and beautiful in it’s simplicity. The majority of its users seem to be observers (viewing content vs. creating it), and if you manage to produce an excellent piece of content, it can be as satisfying as hitting a bulls eye. And with that, I’m officially out of archery puns. At least I kept it on point, right?

Each of these networks and channels are fantastic by their own right, but if you can find the right combination; incorporating them all into your digital strategy can ensure it’s success. It’s our job to tell you which avengers you should send into battle.

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