Best Holiday Campaigns of 2013


‘Tis the season for apple cider, NSYNC Christmas songs, and creative holiday campaigns. Big and small brands are attempting to spread the festive cheer while showing off their online presence – and it’s working. Some move us to tears, while others have us laughing, but regardless of what emotion they seem to invoke, we’re all sharing their campaigns and helping the brands go viral.

Here are some of the best brand campaigns we’ve seen for the 2013 holiday season.


Startups we love: The Goods


As someone who works for a startup, I’m naturally drawn to other startups. Yesterday I got the chance to sit down with Lisa Labute and Cat Parker, the two ladies behind The Goods , a vegan lunch delivery service. I also got a great lunch out of it that I’m still thinking about today. CONTINUE READING

Coke wins in the end by encouraging people to buy less


The most obvious objective for any marketing campaign is to get people to buy more of whatever it is you’re selling. CONTINUE READING

Apps for Apes: How Repurposing is Taking Over Invention


One of the buzziest buzz words when talking about invention and innovation today is repurposing. As we know, it’s not a new phenomenon, but repurposing continues to get more and more creative. CONTINUE READING