Why Arnold Schwarzenegger's Twitter Profile is the best thing ever

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Twitter Profile is the best thing ever

Posted on April 4, 2013 by Ian Byrne

Anyone looking to set up a twitter presence out there, look no further than the last action hero for some inspiration. Yep, the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has one of the most awesome Twitter profiles I’ve ever seen. No joke.

Although it may not seem like it at first glance, look a bit deeper – Arnie (or rather his well paid PR team) have pretty much nailed it. Here’s why

1. The name.

Arnold. Just Arnold. Need the biggest action star in the world say more? Evidently not.

2. The handle.

I challenge anybody to find a cooler twitter handle than @Schwarzenegger. Go on. Find one. First of all, it’s such an iconic name and has immediate brand recognition. ‘Cause let’s face it, Arnie is a brand. He’s not a person, he’s a living, breathing, bad-ass brand. And people get to say “Hey @Schwarzanegger, I loved you in Twins!” Gold.

3. The tagline.

This is where it gets really great. What I love about the line “I love hearing from my fans” is that you can HEAR him say it. The man is known for many things – rocking a stogie, having a penchant for housekeepers, being a massive jerk (allegedly) and of course, his accent. Talk about extra-personal brand recognition – you can literally hear his unmistakable Austrian lilt when reading it. Genius.

4. The Profile Pic.

This is hands down the best part of the whole set-up. He could have gone for any number of iconic images of him as The Terminator, John Kimble (hell yeah I put a Kindergaten Cop reference in), Dutch, Conan, John Matrix…the list goes on and on. But no, we get Arnie playing chess, like a bad-ass. To me, that screams “I may have made a few billion dollars at the box office, but I’M AN INTELLECTUAL TOO GODDAMNIT!” Brilliant.

So yeah. Arnie gets some well deserved social media kudos from me. But I still don’t think I’ll be paying to see The Last Stand. Sorry, Arnie.

Know any other stars who are rocking the twitter profile?

Ian is VP of 88 Creative. Follow him on twitter @ianobyrno

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