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We’re participating in Startup Open House Toronto!

Posted on October 9, 2014 by Jason Giles

open house-04

So as it turns out, both us and our office mates at BuzzBuzzHome happen to be startups. Which is perfect because we just signed up to host an open house as part of Startup Open House Toronto 2014.

Home sweet home. Don’t knock over the giant Jenga or the downstairs people will get all angry and it’ll be awkward. Trust us.

What is Start Up Open House Toronto? Well for starters, it’s a really long name that’s a pain to type out but beyond that, it’s a chance to get an inside look at the industry and how startups work.

That’s why on Oct 30th from 4-7pm we’re opening our doors to the general riff raff – um, we mean public – to get an inside peek at how we do things.

  • Open concept office? Check.

  • Crazy art on the wall? Double check.
  • Animals in the workplace that double as official mascots? You bet.
  • An old timey, scary-looking freight elevator? Yeah, but it’s back behind the ping pong table and I’ve never seen it used.
  • Want to see a bunch of engineers debate philosophy in Star Trek TNG while writing millions of lines of code? WE HAVE THAT.
  • Want to see Erin type at 114 words per minute? WE HAVE THAT TOO.
  • Want to know how to execute a social media strategy? We can do that.

Everyone was paid a garbage bag full of popcorn each to pose in this picture. Talk about a work perk!

  • Want to pet the office dog? You’d have to ask Matt but I’m sure he’d be cool with it.

  • Want to get in an epic ping pong match? Well we’d have to pull the table out and then find a ping pong ball and it’s a whole thing but hey, do you want a beer?

This is actually singles ping pong. Greg from BBH is just doing Tai Chi.

Anyway, feel free to stop by and say hello to any and all of us, as we’ll be here from 4-7. Except Claire, her home planet needs her that night.

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