The office is your catwalk

The office is your catwalk

Posted on March 8, 2013 by Gabriella Rackoff

There are many things that I love about working in a creative industry. Aside from the lack of cubicles and sharing off-colour memes with my coworkers, one of them is the liberty we can take with what we wear to the office. But what happens once we’re freed from the shackles of black pumps and pantsuits.

The results seem to fall into one of two broad categories. On the one hand, a relaxed (or non existent) dress code can lead to novel interpretations of professional attire. On the opposite end of the spectrum, one can fall into the habit of sporting a look more fitting to walking one’s dog than revolutionizing the communications industry. Of course I’m guilty of occasionally indulging in a hoodie and Converse, and it doesn’t mean my brain isn’t going to far away places even though I look like I haven’t left the house.

A casual office atmosphere feels warm and friendly and in such a fast-paced, competitive industry it takes the pressure off in at least one area. I’m thankful for this in general, but I wouldn’t mind the occasional sideways glance that says, “you can do better.” I want people to notice when I have good ideas and I like the idea of getting noticed when I put effort into an outfit. Nobody has to say anything, of course. That can even feel awkward. I just want to know that getting up ten minutes early to pick out my clothes was ten minutes well spent.

We’re always telling ourselves, “you can do better.” This, as creatives, is what we have to offer the world. New ideas that get a reaction and get people thinking in new ways. But it’s not just what you say, of course. You have to say it in a nice font. Some people go with the default, others choose something classic and elegant, and some prefer an unexpected look that stands out.

It’s not about conventional concepts of dressing well. It more about being deliberate. No aspect of a creative execution should be random, and similarly even jeans and a T-shirts can have personality if they were chosen deliberately. Every day is an opportunity to come up with exciting ideas and getting out of bed on Monday morning is much easier when you make the most of getting ready. Life is short and those sequinned Hammer pants aren’t going to show off themselves.

Gabriella is a Creative Director at 88 Creative. Follow her on Twitter @gabriellainga .

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