Marketers: How do you stay on top of your game? -

Marketers: How do you stay on top of your game?

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Danielle Faber


On June 5 in Toronto, one of the most renowned marketing conferences makes a pit stop at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The Art of Marketing is stopping here to impart the wisdom of thought leaders like Jonah Berger , Biz Stone , and Seth Godin , among others.

The conference is an all day affair and each speaker will discuss their path to success and the ideas that have been key in getting them there. It is a rare opportunity to get all of these people in a room together, let alone to get them to share their secrets.

To get into the conference with a regular ticket, the cost is $449.00. It sounds steep, doesn’t it? Although this is on the higher end of conference ticket pricing, most conferences do charge a hefty fee to allow you through the door. What I am wondering is, is it worth it?

Earlier, I mentioned some of the speakers from The Art of Marketing conference, but when you gather all of those thought leaders together, it’s important to consider the clientele that would be interested in hearing them. This would probably be a group of marketing executives attending on their company’s dime, many of them truly looking to grow within their field. At a conference, there are a couple of ways your attendance can help you grow. This includes networking with like-minded attendees, or listening critically to the speakers. The only way to continue to grow and create innovative ideas is by constantly learning. Although many of us may believe we have all the answers, there are people out there with not only more, but better answers to the same questions.

Marketing is a field where the most successful people are the most innovative and creative. Being able to think outside the box is the start to developing great ideas and a path to success. When you get the opportunity to bring together hundreds of people who are thinking outside of their boxes, the result can only be beneficial to all parties.

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