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Do You Know Toronto?

Hogtown. TDot. The 416. The Big Smoke.

Toronto is many things to many people, and with a city that’s as culturally diverse as ours it’s no wonder that people are flocking to her in their droves from all around the world to get a big ‘ol slice of the Torontonian pie. CONTINUE READING

10 Digital Marketing Buzzwords Explained

Every industry has their own set of phrases, terms and buzzwords that silver tongued professionals spout at any given opportunity. CONTINUE READING

Linkedin: Facebook for grown ups

Who remembers back in the day when you first signed up for Facebook and started friend requesting everyone you’ve ever met at a party, classmates, or old high school buddies that you probably will never see again? I sure do. For shame.

Now fast forward a few years and ask yourself if your old Facebook habits are translating to Linkedin. CONTINUE READING

Managing the fear: why social media shouldn’t be scary

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been in a pitch meeting and had a prospective client ask, “what happens when someone says something bad about us on social media?”

It’s a valid question. Managing negative sentiment online is a huge part of social media marketing and brands have the right to want to know what to do when it happens. CONTINUE READING

Twitter’s inactive accounts problem

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried to register a Twitter handle for a client account only to find that some guy, somewhere, for some (hopefully legitimate reason) set up an account two years ago, followed 3 people, didn’t even bother to upload a profile pic or send a tweet out, and then disappeared. CONTINUE READING

Will Facebook kill the internet?

In the nine years that Facebook has been around we’ve seen a ton of updates to what we can do on it. From live chatting (adios MSN Messenger ) to organising your “Gettin’ Slizzerd” birthday party, from uploading photos to tagging people in them, watching live sporting events, solving crimes etc. etc. etc. CONTINUE READING

Why Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Twitter Profile is the best thing ever

Anyone looking to set up a twitter presence out there, look no further than the last action hero for some inspiration. Yep, the Governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has one of the most awesome Twitter profiles I’ve ever seen. No joke. CONTINUE READING

We’re all just a bunch of dirty Facebook likers

I was a pretty early Facebook user. I was in school in Boston when Zuck and co. had the bright idea of opening the platform to US universities not named Harvard, so I got in pretty early on in all this Facebooking malarkey. CONTINUE READING